Design tendencies are turning away from traditional mediums of design materials such as wood, marble and stone towards a more flexible and versatile material for shaping and forming – aluminium. Interior metal finishes give you the possibility to apply a material which is lightweight, easy-to-recycle and requires low maintenance.

Why Aluphant?

The brand was created with the aim of offering high-end surfaces for interior applications such as walls, ceilings, vitrines, displays, furniture and fixtures in many premium retail outlets, hotels, airports, offices, museums, etc. As a part of Euramax, premium aluminium coater for exterior applications, our expertise have helped us to develop a portfolio of distinct finishes for interior use. It includes more than 2000 finishes with some common characteristics:

  • They can be supplied in different colors, gloss levels and textures (brass, copper, mirror, bronze, etc.)
  • We can supply them on the biggest panels available on the market
  • They offer several cost benefits compared to other alternatives
  • Cannot be (or very hardly) produced with already existing technologies

On brand designers request, we also supply 100% custom colors and designs.

Be different, use our aluminium for your interior design!

Check our products and order samples today – free of charge! If you have any other information, you can write us an e-mail on or give us a call on +31(0)475370449.



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Interior metal finishes